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Web Payments

Integrating WowPay API on your website is very easy and straight forward, you'll need absolutely no programming skill to get the code, it's as simple as "select, click, copy and paste". Learn more

Pay on the go

Go cashless. WowPay give you the seamless flexibility you need to make your business stand in the competitive World of eCommerce. It offers a mobile friendly interface which allow you to pay and receive payments on the go. "Get on your mobile now".Learn more

Earn up to 50%

Here is a little secret about WowPay, we are built and strengthened by partner and we can do absolutely nothing without them. So, when we share our transaction fee on 50:50 ratio with businesses, "don't ask why?".
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Simply Checkout with WowPay on your website

WowPay account holders can now integrate WowPay API or the HTML form on their website, for a seamless and swift payment experience. To access this feature you'll need to own a WowPay account

WowPay on the Go.

Since more than 60% of online transactions are made trhough mobile phones and tablets, WowPay offer you the all our services without descrimination on any device. WowPay is as good on your mobile as it is on any computer

  • Release fund option

    WowPay is the first payment institution to give the buyers the power to release fund to sellers, whiles providing a guaranteed business protection to the sellers. Sellers can also requesst a release once item has been delivered.

  • Robust Conflict Rsolution System

    With WowPay conflict resolution portal, all users (buyer or seller) can dispute transactions, initiate a resolution discussion and agree to a common ground to resolve the problem. Users can make full or part reund with WowPay.

  • Support multiple currencies

    WowPay currently support up 10 currencies including GB Pounds, US Dollars, Nigerian Naira, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dllars, Japanesse Yen, Indian Rupees, and South African Ran. Up to 8 other currencies are set to be added to WowPay soon

  • Business Loan

    Small and Medium-sized business are encouraged to continuing growing on WowPay platform with Financial Support from WowPay System. WowPay, small and medium-size businesses may be qualified for a loan of £200 - £2000

Interest free Business Loan for medium and small businesses

WowPay account holders with account more than six months old may qualify for the an interest free Business loan, aimed at helping small businesses. Check if your business qualify

WowPay improves on existing payment gateway websites, and it's a viable way to make money through the website acirclete program.

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Payment Gateway and an Online Money Transfer Platform, Send Money to friends and family abroad with WowPay. Earn up to 50% transaction fee as our Partner...View More

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